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Killer Tips For Increased Fiverr Sales!

I second that.

helpful tips

Great and useful tips thank you.

Great tips thanks a lot.


Helpfull :slight_smile:

very useful :slight_smile:

Your tips are very useful and helpful.

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As a very new seller on Fiverr, I need all the tips I can get. Thanks a lot for sharing. I would put this to practice.

This tips is very effective for gig. I am pleased for your tips

Really helpful…


Thanks for the tips!

Hi Jd, Nice and useful tips but I’m confused about Yahoo answers, Please explain how can it be used to increase sales and traffic, I’m it’ll help lot of us specially the newbies and unsuccessful oldies like me. Thanks in advance.

Really helpful…

Hey JD, we are waiting for you to clarify the yahoo answer tip. Although I see how it can increase sales, but nothing beats direction from someone who has tested it. Thanks in anticipation of your response.


Use yahoo answers for targeted buyers with link back to your gig in a source box. Just type in your browser and type your services keyword in search box. You will see millions of people asking for help and you can tell them solution. For example I type “get backlinks” then I recommend following ways to get back links.