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Kind of Appalled By a Gig


I’m really appalled by the gig with the man on the sofa in his undies and it looks as if he’s plays with his private parts. When I first saw the gig, my mouth dropped but I thought it was a gig that would only be there for a little bit because I thought maybe Fiverr had mistakenly let it slip by. But I kept seeing the gig showing up on the FRONT PAGE.

My stomach sinks a little bit every time I see this gig and I just shake my head. I know we are all adults here (or should be) and there are women posted in bras etc but I just didn’t expect to see this type of gig where it appears he plays with himself. And now, low and behold Fiverr has this gig featured. Siiggghhhh, Go figure but that’s just me. Not here to monitor adults.