Kindly advise! What is the right way to run Fiverr?


Hello, I registered a new gig 2 weeks ago on Fiverr but i haven’t gotten any request. Please can you advise me on what to do to gain visitors and clients.


Lots of sellers are asking that question lately.

There are a lot of tips and helpful advise on this forum so you can start by reading it as your question is not a new one.


One of the best ways of getting customers is by publishing gigs. Without gigs, it’s impossible for anyone to buy your services. I’m not a Fiverr expert, but I would consider publishing a gig or two. In fact, I’ve 100% of sales on Fiverr came from published gigs!


what do you mean by publishing gigs?


alright, thanks. I will do that


You go to “selling->Gigs” and create gigs for things you would be good at doing. Publishing gigs is when you make the gig viewable to everyone (eg. buyers) on the site (by clicking the “Publish” button).


When I look at your profile, I see “digitalgem doesn’t have any Gigs to display”. You need to publish your gigs if you want anyone to find them and purchase them.


Waoh. I thought i already did that. I will do that now. Thanks


There ya go. I can see a gig now. yay





Please whats the next step after activating my gig


A trip to the academy, where you can learn all about how to use Fiverr as a seller:


Promote your gig(s). Go to the buyer request section and send offers. Add more gigs if applicable. Update existing gigs if/when necessary.