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Kindly check my new gig and tell me if i can improve It?

I have made my new logo design gig, with all my efforts and after huge search i made my gig, now please check my gig and tell me that what should i have to improve in my gig?

It would be polite to include a link to your profile/gig. All 4 of your gigs are logo, so I’m not sure which one is new. That said, many of them have the same setup.

I see the biggest issue as the unlimited revisions. Please see (DES) point 1 for reasoning:


thanks for your kind reply :blush:

this is my new gig, please reply one more time after checking this gig

In the link I provided, please see:
(DES) 1, 3, 4, and 7
(IMG) 2
(PPD) 1 and 2
(FAQ) 1 and 5
(PRF) 2, 3, and 5

There’re also a large number of helpful links in the (RRD) section that can help.

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