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Kindly give me feedback regarding my gig

Hello , I Hope you are doing well.
I want you to checkout my gig and give your feedback about it. I got my first order after almost 50 days.

My gig :

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
Good Day :slight_smile:


Hey, I wouldn’t recommend offering unlimited revisions. I’m sure you can imagine why.

That means, a client can keep changing it, no matter what (as long as it’s not to gain extra services or is outside the original order scope). They can keep on requesting minor tweaks, and you are held to that with a binding contract.

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I appreciate noticing that and helping me. Thank you so much. Apart from that, everything looks good ?

I suggest that you offer unlimited revisions given the nature of your service.

Also, remove “Note : Price will be updated after I complete 10 projects. 1/10 completed.” It is a red flag for customers.

Another suggestion is to remove your samples and say “samples upon request”. Doing this will motivate buyers to start a conversation with you where you can throw some sales skills and close the client.

You must show perfect English in your gig description. I will never buy someone with grammar mistakes, it is another red flag.

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I will definitely make changes according you guided me. Thank you so much.

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Your gig looks good to me Urv.
Best wishes and I wish you lots of success on Fiverr.

Thank you so much for you best wishes.