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Kindly HELP! How are my STATS?

These are my stats of last 30 days and you can see I got only 2 orders on 1 gig. Kindly help me in improving my gigs. Here are the stats



it looks like your conversion rate is low, you have to improve your gig description , have a look at top buyers on your category and learn their best practices, also see the competition, you got to have a competitive advantage like better price , faster delivery time etc. do you get messages from buyers ?

Sorry for late reply, loaloariad.

I got only 2 messages from direct buyers but their work is not in my domain.

Before the last week, i am getting impressions but not clicks but from the last week, I am not even getting impressions.

I explore your profile and get to know you are a level 2 seller. I request you to take a little time from your schedule to review my profile and gigs and give me pro suggestions.

Kind Regards.

Maybe update your photos in the gallery. It is important to update your gig regularly if there are no improvements with tags and sometimes photos and to edit your descriptions when it doesn’t work. Experiment with new photos and descriptions and see if they work better or worse.

As you are graphic designer, please review my images. I got 2 orders on gig “targeted email list” but their image is not eye catchy, I guess. You can see the image in above given link. I already created another image for this gig but have a fear to update image because this gig is on 1st page with my keyword.

Last 7 Days stats. Extremely poor

Try updating the tags, you just need to experiment a little with little subtle changes and see how they perform.

Regarding your thumbnails:

  • your “I will do targeted Linkedin lead generation, b2b lead generation” gig is quite hard to read when smaller, maybe simplify it more.

  • your red thumbnail gig might need some sort of example to show your work.

  • it is a bit hard to read your “find business email from Linkedin, date entry” too, you might want to make the text bigger and clearer and use a different illustration, maybe incorporate the Linkedin logo (if thats not against the guidelines)

I hope that helps.

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Try these tips they might help you!

Email Marketing Black Email Marketing White

I made these two replacement of red gig image. Which one is eye catchy.

Black font or White?

The white is easier to read, for me the white stands out the most. Hope I helped

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1- In targeted lead generation gig thumbnail, mostly sellers use this type of image, so follows the same. I Can increase visibilty by crop and showing less rows and columns on image.

2- red thumbnail will be replaced by image sent to you earlier.

What do you say?

I think it may be happened for end of the year and hope it will improve very soon but try to optimize your gig .

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I am going to optimize these one by one.

Starting with the tags, then go for changing image

That sounds good, that should work.

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