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Kindly Help Me How i can get rating on My profile i am new here

Hi My name is Rabia Khan How i can get rating on My profile i am new here


In order to get a rating, you have to get an order on one your Gigs.



ok but i have handsome packages in my profile but not getting order could you check that why it happening Do any graphic design logo poster flyer in adobe photoshop indesign illustrator by Rabia_niazi | Fiverr

Your Gigs are in a very overly saturated category.

There are literally thousands of sellers offering what you do - and 100’s of new people offering this same service.

Unlimited Revisions will be the bane of your existence as well. It screams, " I KNOW I am going to mess this up, so I will have to fix it over and over."

Also, giving unlimited revisions means they will have you by the short hairs for life. They can come back months later demanding you redesign something.

Also having the “Contact Me Before Ordering” will not stop someone from just ordering. And, with your luck, they will order something you cannot do and it will get cancelled. Fiverr is set up so that people can just order with a click of a button - not jump through hoops for a $10 job.

Either way, the main problem is the Gig you offer is in a very competitive niche and has way too many sellers. It seems that everyone is a “professional” graphic designer these days.



Yeah you are right i got your point thanks for your sincere comment Now i will change it

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