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Kindly help me please, still I don't get any orders.why?

Hello to the wonderful universe,
I hope ya’ll doing great! I am Moideen. I am new to this wonderful platform, I joined on April .
I started before 5 months, Completed two orders with 1 five🌟 but still don’t get any orders.

Check it my Profile. And give me some improvement

Please help to get more orders. I’ve four gigs, but none of them is not impressing.
Thank you and have a fun blast day ahead!

  1. Check your spelling and grammatical errors. I’ve noticed quite a few. As horrible as this may sound, some people will refuse to order out of belief there might be a communication barrier.

  2. Optimise your gigs. Use key words in descriptions and use correct tags.

  3. Your gigs are convoluted. Be concise and to the point.

  4. Your gigs are 50% highlighted, only use highlights to highlight important information. For example, at the beginning of my gigs I highlight that customers must contact me first before ordering. I don’t highlight every second sentence.

  5. Give your gigs a more personal touch. Customers land on your gig first, then your profile. At the start of your gig description, sell yourself first and who YOU are.

  6. Distinguish yourself. Remember, there are hundreds of gigs on Fiverr offering exactly the same as you. What sets you apart?

  7. Remove ‘unlimited’ revisions. Apart from that not being feasible, there are people who will take advantage of that to the point you want to tear your hair out.

  8. Build a base of 5* reviews first, by either lowering your prices temporarily + offering more in each gig. I did this at the start, got a flood of orders and built a foundation to work off. I then increased my prices and I’ve maintained consistent customers.

  9. Remove this “Give me a chance to prove my skill, you will be amazed by my service.”. You sound desperate here.

  10. “I Don’t sell service only . I distribute Success , Ease And Status .” What does this even mean? How do you distribute these 3 things?

  11. Your gig video audio is horrible. Either improve this, or remove it.

  12. Take some of the Fiverr tests – including the English Language, Adobe Illustrator and Customer Service.


Thank you so so much for your explanation.
I didn’t think that I’ve done many mistakes.
This is the time to change.
Thannk a tone

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@gmike89 If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.