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Kindly Help me Thanks

Please help me what can i do get order, I am old user still not get any order now a days . I make offers every days . Kindly check my gig and tell me what should i need to do to change.


Your last delivery was 3 days ago, so you are getting orders.

Use a photo of yourself as a profile picture (a lot of people wouldn’t trust a seller who uses a stock photo and misrepresents themselves), and use your own designs for your gig images (using images taken from the internet will make potential buyers think that you might sell them stolen goods instead of original designs).


@catwriter Its all my old work and also my gigs .I did not user gig from the internet . Its my original work

I’ve seen the main image of one of your gigs elsewhere on the internet. Buyers who do their search might think that it’s not really yours, and when they combine that with a profile picture that’s definitely not you, they might decide to look for some other logo designer (and there are more than 10,000 logo designers on Fiverr to choose from).


Don’t worry about it.improve your gig and promote on other social sites.god bless you

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tray to stay online full time and share your gig on social media. i hope you will receive a good productivity .

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Promote your gig via twitter and linkedin and other social media

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