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"Kindly Improve my Gig"

Hi, This is Ryousaf its been 7 months on Fiverr and just received 3 Orders & much disappointed. Can anyone guide me regarding my GiGs & Tags so that I can improve & have more customers. Thank you in Advance.

  1. Some fonts are barely readable in your gig videos
  2. Add sound to your videos to make it more professionalL
  3. 3d gig video is strangely edited, It cuts from one scene to another very fast
  4. SEO of your gigs (search on the forum)

there are always things to do to improve your gigs. Spend time searching tips on this forum.


Great advice!! Keep it up

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Thanks dear audioboon, i appreciate your feedback. kindly tell me how can i SEO of my gig. have you any idea?

He already answered that.