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Kindly Review my Profile and Make Suggestions

Although I joined fiverr in October, I have been skeptical about working on this platform. However I started working a month ago and the results have been okay. I have become a level one seller, but that is just a tip of the ice berg.

My challenge is the fact that I see several clicks but the work turn-out is low. I am a writer and graphics designer and all my past clients have been impressed. I get some return jobs.

I know I can do more, I know I can work hard. So here’s my question, what is wrong? What do I need to change or modify to drive sales through the roof?

One quick way to experiment is to make yourself more competitive. I once ordered from a writer who writes 700 words (at last providing me with 790+ words) for $5. His article is of high quality and doesn’t need an extra to obtain the right to the article.

You may consider lowering your price first. When you build up more sales, you can start charging more.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Thanks. I have a gig for 400-500 words and another for 200 words. I am trying to test the waters. I will create cheaper gigs (I still have 8 free slots) and see what happens.

Have you considered adding video to your gigs?

It sounds like you are experimenting with how many words to offer for $5 but I think it might be confusing to buyers to offer a gig with 400 words for $5 and another with 200 words for $5. Maybe simplify offer one logo design gig, one business card gig and one writing gig.

Your writing is strong so I’m sure you could offer 200 words at $5. I’m sure there are people who will write 700 words for $5 but is their quality the same as yours?

Reply to @carriecreative: You are absolutely right, I am experimenting with gigs. I had a little glitch with my fiverr account, contacted support, and I am still monitoring my gigs. Impressions, clicks, and views stopped coming in. I had to delete most of my gigs.

Anyways, about one gig for each service, I will explore the option. I have one gig for business card, and 4 others for writing. I am however skeptical about removing the 400-500 word gig, since it is the gig that sells more.

Several thoughts have crossed my mind but I believe if I am persistent I will share my fiverr story soon.

Reply to @carriecreative: I have given videos some thought but not yet convinced on its usefulness, my bad.

A few thoughts for you…if you were going to get rid of one gig, I would get rid of the 200 word article one. Why would anyone even buy that if they can get more words for the same price.

I would also consider putting a real photo of yourself (a good one) for your profile instead of a graphic and see if that makes any difference.

Another thing is to add information to your profile about your education or real life work experience if you have some.

And last I would say you must consider videos. Look at other top selling writers to get some ideas of what they are writing in their profiles about their experiences as well as what kind of content they have in their videos that will be good research for you.

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks. I will make all the necessary adjustments ASAP. Funny, I thought about a real photo today.

Reply to @sincere18: How about now, what do you think?

Reply to @smartclem:

Nice, you will see how it goes from here, sometimes you have to try new things, see how they play out and then tweak along the way. And nice touch to your profile adding in your mechanical engineering and places where you write.

Only one tiny thing, I assume you meant you went to college and earned a degree, like a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, right? I have met a lot of travelers over the years, so I am aware of how people say things in other cultures,but here in the US we don’t say " I am a graduate of mechanical engineering" we would say “I have a degree in mechanical engineering”…so since you are selling to, what most people think around here, is a predominantly English speaking audience you don’t want people thinking it’s a typo and you have bad grammar. Even though I know what it means, unless someone here has met a lot of travelers or worked internationally they might think it’s just off.

In any case, good luck to you. And trust your instincts :slight_smile:

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Reply to @sincere18: Thanks a lot.

Hello there everyone! I would really appreciate if you peeps can review my profile and gigs too.

I am new at fiverr and I see a lot of clicks and views at my gigs, but haven’t received any order yet. Am I doing something wrong? HELP!

Hey Clement

On a quick marketing note you share what you do but don’t share any unique facts about yourself that stand out. One unique thing about yourself and what the end result of ordering your gig will do for the user would make your profile pop.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Hi there! It has been a month since I joined Fiverr and there is not a single sale. I have even dropped my rates several times. My gigs got views until last week but not once did I receive an order. And now the views stats have stopped at this point. Kindly, view my profile if you may and see what’s so wrong in it? :confused: