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Kindly, Short the Payment Clearance Period


I want from fiverr to short the payment clearance period from 14 days

Because 14 days are not good if buyer want to refund for his order then he may withdraw within 5-7 days

So, Set Payment Clearance Period to 5-7 days


Short on the basis of Seller Level mean for Level one seller for 7 days like that

And upto so on


Yes it would be nice. But Fiverr has already configured everything to be efficient with the bi-weekly payment. Although, if you are a Top Rated Seller, you can have clearance in 7 days.
Better get your hustle on!


Edit: Also I don’t think this is the section to post these types of topics.
It should go here:
in the suggestions category.

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You are right but each and every top reputed freelancer sites clearance period is about 3-7 days for new comer

Everyone cann’t reach to Top rated seller

A good Site should provide Good Service for everyone so that more people come and work

I mean to say for Level One User there should be 5-7 days clearance if new level seller is not possible

That is a Good And Great Topic which i have created to solve that clearance issue

Fiverr Team, Kindly, Visit other site for checking the clearance period and then provide good service for each one


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If you are telling that for preventing the chargeback then that will not be helpful . Because if you withdraw your funds and buyer perform chargeback then fiverr will cut the chargeback balance from your fiverr balance .And if your balance is zero then your balance will be { (-) the refund/chargeback}.
So I think it will not work as you think .But this will be helpful for the new ,level one and level 2 sellers because we will get our money fast than the current period . :grinning:

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Payment Clearance Period has nothing to do with chargebacks, as they can happen even after 14 days.

Why Fiverr would check other websites?

Also, you agreed to fiverr TOS when you came here, and there is clearly saying clearance period.