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Kindlyc check and let me know about My Gig that How can i improve

My Gigs are in 13 page on Fiverr and i am not getting sale frpm the last two month so kindly anyone let me know and help me in improving my gigs.

click below:

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Thanks in advance


do marketing on social media more.

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research your niche area and exiting services as well, it helpful to improving your gigs service approach. . .

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Thank you so much for your kind response. Kindly let me explain.

how do marketing… I have created my account from some month so don,t know more…

do marketing in social media

freelancing is nothing but a business. you open a business, now your duty is create a plan for running your business.


Share your gig on social media
Research proper tags
Take inspirations from other best selling gigs in your category
keep hustling !