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Knock Knock I am new here

Hello people!!!

Today I thought to make an account here at fiverr but as connected to my facebook account I came to know that I already have an account here and it is since 2013, its a BIG LOL to me. I dont know why I did not started work here at that time. Anyways can you guys please checkout my gigs and let me know how to improve them and how do they look.

Thank you,


you can share you link on social media sites, do forum post etc

It all looks pretty good actually. I only have two minor things. One is that in US we put the dollar sign in front of the number, so maybe change that it should always be $5 and not 5$.

And I’m not sure how many people are in demand of a shoe desinger…but maybe add the word fashion to your title. I will be your shoe and fashion designer…and then maybe it would show to more people.

One thing I would suggest for your shoe and product design gigs is to show a before and after if you have it. Show a sketch of your design and the actual product that has come to life and been made.

Other than that, good luck! And just know that it sometimes takes awhile to get the first few sales.

Thanks for the suggestions, I am going to do the amendments as you have stated.

Hi! I’m new here too. I’m offering proofreading and editing services. There seem to be a few of us, so hopefully I’ll get a few sales to start me off!

Hi anne_garage and ceexxx1! Same here, I’m new. Glad to find some people who are newbies too, haha :slight_smile: Hopefully will get some gigs selling soon. Good luck to you people!

Reply to @logo_desing: Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Reply to @mahdi99: good luck to you too.