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Today I bought a new phone and I want to install fiverr apps on it and login into it,is there anything problem?



Yes, you can do that. No problem.


no problem go ahead :heart_eyes:


Yes if it is pinpack new with new ip adress so there is no issue but if it is used or second hand then confirm Is it used already for fiverr app or not.
Otherwise no issue for newest set


Thanks for such a good suggestion.


It completely depends on what kind of phone you bought, really…

Android and iPhones, you shouldn’t have a problem. Anything more vintage and you’ll probably run into problems.


That’s just his sense of humour! :slightly_smiling_face:


You can use your fiverr account on your new phone . No Problem


android but different brand like my old phone was samsung and my my new phone is huawei brand.That’s why I have some confusion.
anyway Thank you for your help!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


i am using this app, i dont think so if any problem with this app.


congrats for your new phone…u can really bought this?