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Know Your Worth

It’s enticing to go into fiverr and offer reduced costs, less expensive rates, and huge reserve funds to potential customers. All things considered, what customer wouldn’t like to spare a minimal expenditure?

I can answer that… None of them.

Not one single customer that you ever meet will need to spare cash. What they need is more blasts for their buck. Customers need to realize that on the off chance that they pay you $100 to compose a 400 word paper, this new paper is the most ideal paper they could have gotten for $100. They need to realize that the nature of their new paper, the administration that they got from you amid and after this paper was composed, and everything in the middle of, was totally justified regardless of the cost.

Customers have no clue how much their projects are worth. Most don’t know how much function goes into finishing their project. The main thing that a customer knows is the amount he or she can spend (at the end of the day, his or her financial plan) to get that project finished.

Ideally, the customer’s spending will coordinate or outperform your value – making everybody upbeat. However, unfortunately, not every person lives ideally. Also, when you find that customer whose financial plan does not meet your value, it’s dependent upon you to choose whether or not that customer can afford the cost of your services.

All in all, when you begin bringing down your costs and offering your discounts, would you say you are truly giving your customers what they need? Is it true that you are really giving them more blasts for their buck? Or, then again would you say you are, rather, bringing down your blast to meet their buck?


Yes, you’re right. Thank you.

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Always good to cite your source:


Lorna, maybe she was the author. Have you seen any copycat here of Fiverr? I don’t think so. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: (sarcastic)


Yeah, I think you are right

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This is why I’m always leary about hiring article writers on 5r. There are so many plageriazed — writers who steal other people’s work.

I almost :heart: the OP. :confused:


Courtesy of Zeus777, honestly I choose her because of your cartoons. She amazed me with the result, I look better than the classic Pokemon characters. :slight_smile: