Known issue - Data not showing up


We’re aware of the current issues some users are experiencing. We will update you here when it is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

READ BEFORE POSTING: Fiverr is temporarily experiencing issues. Relax
Unable to see order delivery
READ BEFORE POSTING: Fiverr is temporarily experiencing issues. Relax
Updates -- ? -- is it possible
My Funds Pending Clearance are Vanishing. Are Yours? is not working properly



Thank you @mjensen415


Thank you :slight_smile: :smile: :wink:


The app is crashing too now…


i hope you fix this issue soon


problem: inbox, funds and app. Also sometimes can’t open the order page.

I hope you can fix this soon.


Order data is not being shown as well!


Thank you! We will just hangout on the forum till then :slight_smile:


Thanks Fiverr support!
Is there any way you can keep my response rate at 100% when the messages come back… JK :wink:


Can deliveries still be made without any issue?


I too am seeing this. I hope it does not affect my response rate…


I am unsure about this but I received an update notification on my phone from a seller but got no message either on phone or desktop. If you do deliver, it may be a good idea to just follow it up when we get the “all clear” update from Fiverr.


thats great hope this will be fine soon


I’ll just wait it out for an hour or two. Hopefully, everything will get sorted out by then.
I honest;y had a panic attack when the damn muppet screen came up saying page not found…I thought my account got terminated. I ended up having an anxiety-stroke. Spent like 30 minutes coughing like a madman.


Good thing I have orders to do while I wait. But I thought I was banned too! I was going to cry!


I’m just worried if this will effect my 100% delivery rate ratio that I’ve maintained for over a year…(I’m bragging)


Keep refreshing, you might get lucky! fingerscrossed
Good luck!


Hope to see Fiverr working soon…! :slight_smile: