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La Liga

Really enjoying the La Liga, it doesn’t get the same hype as EPL, but I would say the quality of football is better, as are the players. Neymar-Messi-Suarez-Iniesta…Ronaldo-Bale-Benzema-Modric-Kroos…and of course, one of my favorites, Griezmann. Wow! EPL has great players too, but none in the same class I would say.

But EPL is more competitive…the teams are much closer to each other, which is why it is more exciting.

You know I am not a football person, so can´t comment about football. But thanks for the chats. You have been one of the friendliest ones to me in this forum, and you are funny. I wanted to tell you that, but you probably already know :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you go. Very silent.

We went travelling again with the dogs :slight_smile: Nice to know you, Esther. May success always be with you. (I will not be online again start from now, so no need to reply back) :slight_smile:

:smiley: Come back soon.