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Label demoted due to "Improper use of fiverr"


Hi everyone,

Is it violate fiver terms & conditions to show the work sample to buyers before taking the order?
Or to share the gigs in twitter under celebrities or anyone’s tweet comments???

Today Fiverr demoted me to Level-1 due to improper use of fiverr…I really dont know what happen…
Is there any link or page where I can see specifically what we can do or what can’t do in fiverr??

Anyone know the ans??


If they asked for them, no.

That would be Twitter spam - Twitter wouldn’t necessarily like it, but I’m not sure Fiverr would be bothered.

Why not ask Fiverr CS for the reason - we can only speculate, which wouldn’t be much help.


Thanks for your quick reply. I sent mail to CS but they still not reply…lets see… :frowning:


As @smiler3d said, it’s Twitter spam, nobody likes it, and many people will report you and block you if you do it. Also, someone might complain to Fiverr about it, and if a celebrity complains to Fiverr that a Fiverr seller is spamming them and their followers, Fiverr might take action against the spammer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that trying to contact other Fiverr users outside of Fiverr is a huge violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and if you’re leaving comments under a Fiverr user’s tweets, it can be seen as attempting outside contact. Not to mention that, if you spam people, they might even feel happy to report you to Fiverr’s Customer Support, and hope that Fiverr permanently bans you.


Thank you so much for your explanation.

But i never try to said that contact me out of fiverr…i just said if you need any graphic related help please contact me in fiverr and i attached my gig link…thats it :slightly_frowning_face::sob:!

If its violated fiverr rules then how will i do gig marketing on Twitter? Anyone can say the right process of Twitter gig marketing??


Promoting yourself in any Twitter thread or mentioning someone’s Twitter handle to send them your URL with a generic call-to-action about your business is full-blown spam and it’s an abuse of Twitter. You’re exploiting someone’s platform to try to get yourself exposure. Fiverr doesn’t allow this and neither does Twitter. It ruins the experience for other people. Celebrities and their fans don’t care about your spam. They’ll block and report you. They only want to see what they came there for.

Spamming celebrities or anyone isn’t going to help you get business. It just makes you look sketchy and really annoys both the account owner and anyone who sees your Tweet. People don’t use Twitter to see spam. If someone does this to me on Twitter, I report the Tweet for spam under “Abuse of the mention function.” It’s a breach of Twitter’s terms and it’s incredibly unethical and unprofessional.

If you seriously don’t see that what you’re doing is spam, don’t see why it’s unethical and think it will help your business, you need to take a class on ethics and consider how your actions affect others, as well as learn how business works. Spamming isn’t marketing.


By commenting on their posts, you’re contacting them outside of Fiverr.

That’s spam. Those people have never expressed interest in your services. What you did is similar to grabbing random people on the street and yelling in their face “hey, if you need any graphic related help, hire me!” If you did that to anyone on the street, would you expect them to really hire you, or would it be more likely for them to call the police (or at least to run away from you)?

There’s no short answer to that. You’ll have to invest some time into learning how marketing works. You can start by typing “Twitter marketing” into Google, and then do a lot of reading and a lot of experimenting.


I have to laugh at the idea of using Twitter to try to market your fiverr gigs.