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Label or Moderate Buyer Refunds to Help Sellers

Seeing that sellers are helpless when buyers request to cancel or refund, Fiverr should have a system to mark or show that a seller has been canceling or asking for refunds. There are naughty buyers who get content from one seller and take it to another asking for a rewrite at cheaper rates. They keep canceling and refunding till they get what they want. Fiverr system should show that “buyer canceled last 3 orders” once a buyer crosses a limit. That way, sellers can have this information before accepting to work with them. Or we can have a buyer order completion scoring system that tells us how reliable a buyer is or not.


Good idea, could be implemented. Unfortunately I don’t see it working, because a buyer wanting to exploit the system can just keep creating new accounts after they get the cancelations. And sellers can’t start refusing to work with someone just because they are a new buyer, so in the end your suggestion would probably be ineffective.

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The issue of new account creation could always be resolved eventually but this system should be a good start. Some will get through the cracks but this should catch a lot of these issues. These guys are messing with other people’s work.

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