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Lack of care and unresponsivness

So I own a digital marketing firm and recently we have been getting a lot of Shopify jobs. So I researched and found the best rated liquid coder for shopify. Most of these coders are from overseas. The funny thing is that their gigs are priced at $10-$20 for a mod/bug fix but as soon as you message them they want like $50-$100 per thing they touch. This is basically the same price for hiring someone here in my country. Anyways so I hire the one with 300 something reviews and he did a good job on both jobs I gave him at the end but I had to message each time he touched something because he would fix 1 thing and cause like 3 bugs in the process. Dispite this I gave him a good review each time because at the end he did deliver the product correctly after me pointing out 4-7 bugs he would make on each job. Now i’m sending him more quote requests and he wont even reply to my messages. I am assuming hes angry that I made him correct his work. The funny thing is that I made less money than him on my own job after the outrageous prices he charged for simple coding and hes the one that doesn’t want more work. Im trying to find a replacement coder but most of these guys only know how to change very simple things. They are not real liquid coders. I’m going to try some other networks and if that doesn’t work I much rather hire someone here locally that won’t charge an arm and a leg and is up on my hours and that understands customer service. I feel like fivver has spoiled some gig providers by paying them top dollar usd. If your a fiverr service provider from remember that yes marketing firms charge our clients more but thats because 1) we have higher costs 2) we provide top of the line customer service . If you want to be charging at USD rates your work can’t be ridden with bugs and have to be corrected by the client everytime you make a change


You need to remove the country/region from your post as that is not allowed on the forum.


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Your seller doesn’t respond because they found you difficult to work with. Whether they found you difficult to work with because they legitimately screwed up and you managed to catch that and make them fix things OR because you were overly demanding out of this uncomfortable (and slightly condescending) notion of certain standards people from certain countries should maintain to fit the first world price ranges – we can’t really know. It’s between the seller and yourself.

What I did notice from posts like this is that they all contain a variation of “I really didn’t like certain things the seller was doing throughout the process, yet I left a positive review and hired them or attempted to hire them again repeatedly”. This is something you shouldn’t do. It counterproductive, it builds tension, it adds more positive reviews to a track record of someone who may not deserve it and it’ll eventually lead to an epic blowout between the seller and yourself 3-4 projects down the line.


Why is this great? The op is alleging a complaint and you say it is great.


I apologize to you .

This is more an observation than an answer… in my opinion there are a lot of ‘hobbyist’ sellers on Fiverr. These are people who tend to be self taught and who know the basics, but who find challenging jobs beyond their abilities. We all have to start somewhere but I believe a lot of sellers ‘over sell’ their skills and experience - and it often ends in tears as they get found out.


Well at the end the guy fixed the bugs he created it just took many reminders for him to do it so I don’t want to leave a bad review and mess up his business.

Well there is a difference in price between countries. Thats just the real world. It’s the reason many companies send work overseas. I personally don’t have any problem paying anyone from overseas well as long as the work is worth the money. But if I pay $100 usd for a simple custom menu I expect that menu not to have 4-7 bugs.

Unfortunately he’s the only liquid coder that is on fivver that actually understands in/outs of liquid coding so I have no choice if I want to use fivver. From my experiance with this specific seller hes is knowledgeable and understands how to do the work. He simply just doesn’t care to proof check his work for bugs and gets annoyed when you point them out to him. I am now looking for someone outside of fivver

That is true. Lots of hobbyists on here. In this specific situation the seller in question did actually know how to do the work. It was more of a matter of them not caring to look over the work before submitting as complete. For example job would be add a menu. He would add the menu and then two other pieces of the site would stop working. All of the back/fourth of me telling him about bugs could have been avoided by simply providing some love and care to their work and just going onto the site after each code they added/changed to check functionality

Yes, absolutely. The other side of the coin of it all is that every once in a while someone with the big USD budget rolls in to hire “these guys because they’ll do the job, work 20 hours work days including the national holidays and their chicks are usually hot” (which is a legit quote from a leaked top management email I’ve seen in 2010 back in my IT days). So it’s not really because of “customer service” and things, not at all times. There is an underlying attitude that is the problem. Which is why this seller’s country of origin is completely irrelevant to the situation and the mod asked you to remove it.

But well. I was going to say that you should give fiverr another chance but since it’s legitimately an only service provider who seems to be knowledgeable but not meticulous in his work, I hope you’ll find a fitting candidate elsewhere.