Lack of communication from seller getting me concerned


This is my first experience using fiverr. I have requested a rather simple gig for my first time out , a book cover with back cover included. I placed my gig with a top rated seller, so I wasn’t concerned regarding quality or professionalism. Well, I placed the order on the 11th. I emailed the seller with some additional information on the 13th, because I was fearful that I may not have been specific enough with my requests. I emailed again yesterday just because I had not yet heard back. The gig is due on the 17th and thus far I have had no communication with the seller. Is this common, or should I be concerned?


After a few experiences, I don’t order a gig unless I contact the seller by message first. If I can’t think of a solid question I have, I will just ask a general question and then note if I get a reply and how long it takes. If I don’t get a reply within a few days, I assume the seller is not currently active and I don’t order from that one. Unfortunately, Fiverr puts a limit on seller vacation mode and penalizes sellers in search for suspending gigs. Sellers sometimes react to that by just not checking messages often and some completely drift away.

The good news is that if the seller doesn’t respond by the due date, you can just wait another couple of days until the gig is marked well beyond late and you can cancel. Your money will go into your account as credit for another gig and the seller will get an automatic negative for extreme lateness. You can then find another seller to do your task, check in with them first, and use the Fiverr credit to pay the one you select.


Thanks for the feedback. The interesting thing is I don’t believe this seller is on vacation, I keep checking her page every so often and have seen positive reviews added as recently as a few minutes ago. This indicates to me that she is active and is in the process of sending completed work out to people, but for some reason I just can’t get her to respond to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a new customer? Like, perhaps she gives other people that have ordered through her more frequently better service? She is rated highly for “communication”, which makes it all the more odd that she can’t send me a single email. All I am looking for is “I received your order, it’s in the pipeline, i"ll let you know if anything changes” Just something to acknowledge that I placed an order with her. This is frustrating.


Hello, i see you have problem with seller…

Sometimes that happend and sometimes rating isn’t everything.

I’ll be happy if you check my gig for book covers, here’s the link:


I think Top Rated Sellers are very busy, but to me that’s still no excuse for not contacting you with at least a “Thanks for your order. I’m working on it.” message. Sorry you’re having this experience but hopefully you will get your cover tomorrow. If not, definitely contact Customer Support.


Some sellers respond only with the finished product, unless they have some questions and need clarifications. If she has a huge amount of orders to work on, informing people that she has received their orders may not be her priority.

It’s just a guess, of course. Hopefully you’ll get a great cover tomorrow!


I had a similar experience and now I’m very cautious. I was using 3 different vendors for voice overs. Two were perfect, great experience but the third one asked me to cancel my order because she wanted to give me a custom order. Well not only did I lose $8.50 that Fiverr kept but she never gave me that custom order. No loss not using her because i had the others. How she had those great reviews is beyond me and like yourself she never responded in a timely manner if at all.


Reply to @adamatom: It’s nerve wracking not knowing if you’re going to get a delivery on time, but for the bulk of sellers, delivering the orders is the priority, not messaging back and forth.

There is no reason to be concerned unless the order goes late. Try to be patient. :slight_smile: