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Lack of communication

I ordered some hand drawn logo text and I asked for update was told it’s not due until tomorrow and that’s when it will be ready and then when I got it wasn’t happy wit it so kept trying to contact them but for other 24hours no reply so I left bad feed back then contact them again and still nothing then when they did get back to me all they said was that they didn’t need my $5 but as I left feedback I wasn’t getting it back and I replied to say that I left bad feedback bas I didn’t get any reply for over 24 hours and I’m not happy with what I was given and still once again they are not replying to me. What can I do as what they sent me I don’t like and don’t want!

If you want that person to modify the logo you should have ask them to redeliver the logo and tell exactly what you wanted to be modified and not ambiguous things like I didn`t like the logo make me another.

Sometimes it isn`t possible to answer within 24 hours.

You can tell to the seller that if they deliver the logo with the modifications you want you will ask the customer service to change the negative feedback.