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Lack of consideration for sellers

As a level one seller who joined Fiverr a few months ago, I’ve got to say that something disgusts me- I have had multiple successful orders and received 5 stars for all reviews. Yet, I have had 2 cancellations due to people ordering the incorrect gig. Yet, this is, according to Fiverr, my fault and reduces my completion rate of orders. So I pay the price for others’ incompetence? Apparently the 20% fee on all gigs isn’t enough to satisfy. This really should be looked at- as it isn’t right how we are effectively threatened with demotion, despite providing a great service.


I wholeheartedly agree. Sadly, we are coming up to 2-years living with things the way they are and Fiverr clearly doesn’t give a Popsicle.

Have you contacted the CS about it and asked them to cancel it? I have had 2 cancellation recently 1) Buyer ordered something I don’t offer. 2) Buyer information was inadequate to complete the work. I have sent a ticket to CS and they have cancelled the orders for me. My order completion rate didn’t decrease.


I have had the same experience as @pyonarts. I do not ask for the cancellation through the resolution center. Instead, I contact CS, explain the problem and ask them to cancel the order. As @pyonarts said,


I think I’m going to have to try this in the future. Thanks for the tip!