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Lack of manners from fellow sellers


I understand I’m still a relatively new seller, but I’m already all set with being straight-up spammed and/or harassed by other Fiverr sellers.

I will work with them to deliver products to supplement their sales, particularly if I have nothing in my queue. But just yesterday, once again, I had another client who was a Fiverr seller who came at me very suddenly with messages that started with “I want,” requested immediate turnaround, requested me to bend my word count limits for a $5 budget, etc.

This is all for the promise of “more work” which I could really do without if it’s for this much haggling, since I’m busy enough. I’m really just out for building my profile and overall career. I’m in this for the long-hall, not short-term cash. So if you come to me when I have no queue, then I’ll take your job and we can certainly build a relationship, if that’s what you want, but you can’t act like an entitled power-hungry control freak and refuse to pay rush fees then expect me to give you something in 2 hours (or less).

When I delivered in under 12 hours with a pristine product, this recent buyer came back online and responded with “Are you there?” at 11pm my time. Did not say “thank you,” did not mark the order complete, did not review, no nothing. Then disappeared, obviously going in search of the next newbie victim.

I have seen this before, people simply messaging me to say rude things like, “Are you there? Update me. Is this ready? Where are you?” or I had one person who would simply message me question marks if she felt I wasn’t answering her fast enough. I have never delivered late. They clearly do this because they want to give me MORE jobs for $5 which are beyond the scope of my $5 base gig to fulfill their own queue of work.

Whatever, but… you kind of need to acknowledge that if you want an American VO, that I live on the opposite side of the world from you and do not work 24 hours a day. 12 hours time differences are a thing.

Of course, I did not reply to my most recent buyer.

If you want fellow Fiverr folks to work with you, maybe learn some basic courtesy when communicating. I am reliable, professional, but I am also busy and in high demand. I won’t work for you if you treat me like garbage.

The only flag I have created, and am actively using in my Fiverr inbox, is the one called BLACKLIST.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


Venting is fine! :smiley:

I totally get where you coming from here. At some point, we all encountered these unappreciative “types”. :roll_eyes:

Story #1
I remember a long time ago. A Seller ordered a VO the delivery was set for (3) days, but guess what? My schedule afforded me time to complete the order the same day. I delivered the order, the Seller let the order auto-complete, didn’t leave a review, nada, zilch, zip. But, a couple months later came back asking for a quote for another project. Here’s the icing on the :cake: the Seller stated that the work I did before, was excellent. I just don’t get it.

Story #2
I ordered a gig from a Seller, I’m in :us: the Seller from another country. While I was getting my beauty :zzz: sleep, I woke up to a dozen messages. “Are you there?”, “Please talk to me”, “Hello?”, “Nika, are you there?”. I was absolutely livid! :rage: I politely reminded the Seller of our timezone differences. The communication skills was a clusterF, I vowed to never work with this Seller again, even if my life depended on it.

“Thank you” are two simple words – but they can brighten up someone’s day. It’s a shame that people have such a hard time typing them or saying them.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day! :sunflower:


Hey, that´s a good idea! :black_flag:

I fear you´ll get used to it, but you´re still right. The people who could profit from reading this, won´t, to their own detriment, but so be it.

And welcome. Your voice sounds great, I´ll bookmark your gig, just in case I ever finish one of my books and need an American female VO.


AAAAAHHHHH… if I had a penny for every time this happened to me!

The most stupid thing on fiverr that when you block a buyer… he still can send you messages and you get notifications about it on the mobile app for the next few days after you block him!


Oh shoot, I wasn’t aware… that hasn’t happened to me yet. Thanks for the warning. If I didn’t know, I certainly would have been concerned. :pray:


you see, I got these two messages four days after I blocked that buyer


I thought I read somewhere on the Forum that even if you block a buyer, they can still book a gig with you. Do you know if that is true?


It’s true. You can’t block a buyer from buying.


I’ve gotten the question mark thing before. It’s so rude. I answer with, “I do not know what your question is. You have included punctuation marks sans any actual words to punctuate.”


sadly, YES he/she can still purchase your gig


They expect us to be :crystal_ball: mind readers as well.


Definitely. I just find the question mark thing so disrespectful. It’s also not grammatically correct at all, but I suppose that’s why they’re hiring a writer :confused:


Every seller are not equal.
Some people has this type of manners as usual. :rage: