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Lack of Orders on Fiverr

Has anyone noticed a tremendous drop off in business recently. I have been with fiverr since 2011 and have never experienced a worst slowdown. I know this is vacation month, but I have always done well in August. This month has been dreadful. Any feedback you may have about your experience and what you have done to get of the rut will be greatly appreciated.

June was the worst for me (I joined in February), and August is basically the best yet (tied with July). Then again, I’m a seller focusing more on quality than quantity (few expensive gigs instead of loads of 5$'s), so I guess I’ll be less susceptible to fluctuations in number of users, since I don’t need to get hundreds of orders anyway (and couldn’t even complete them if I got them). From June to July I didn’t do anything drastic, I slightly adjusted my gigs, prices (more to raise them than to lower them), and suddenly I started getting orders again. It’s just random (for all intents and purposes, since Fiverr is not very transparent about their sorting algorithms).

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I joined This JUNE and can say AUGUST is best for me I made sales Thrice this month compared to previous month and Maybe Its too early to say :blush:

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Advertise gig
Always be online
and Apply buyer request daily