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Lack of response from CS

I can’t find my tickets history anymore and I have received no answer, not even automatic, for my last ticket last week which deals with a strange refund that looks like chargebacks made by a client from months ago? Both these occurrences never happened before.

Someone from CS please respond, thank you.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. You need to contact Customer Support. The link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Obviously there is no response from CS for a week, not even the automatic ticket response, which led to posting the issue on the forum (as per OP).


Here’s CS’s email in case you want to mail them


Thank you :slight_smile: I tried again and just sent a direct email to the email address.

The issue at hand is that for the first time ever, after years of being a successful Fiverr seller, I received last week 3 notifications for 3 orders from August, with 5 star reviews, as having been “cancelled” by the same client. It looks like it is a credit card chargeback fraud, but not only I want to know how I will recover the money for this fraud, but I of course want to inquire if such chargeback fraud can affect the automatic system of seller reviewing before the 15th. And on top of that, CS is not answering. I’ll keep the forum posted.

There is still no answer whatsoever from CS :frowning: and the automatic response is no longer sent. What is going on? Has anyone else experienced this when trying to submit a ticket?

How long has it been?

Response time varies anywhere up to 24-48 hours give or take.


Thank you for asking. Almost 7 days now :frowning: from the first, main ticket, and there has been no automatic response all this time, for neither of the 3 tickets.

I have been a Fiverr seller since 2015 and this is a first. I need to discuss the issue before the 15th, and there is no answer.

Does everyone else still receive the automatic response/any response to tickets?

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Oh, no! :grimacing:

(7) days is an awfully long time. I wonder if they blocked you, :thinking: I’ve heard people getting blocked from sending too many messages without giving them time to respond. Dunno, it’s only speculation. Check to see if the tickets are still open or closed!

If still open close 2 out of the 3 tickets, then maybe add a brief followup to the first ticket. Hopefully, you get a response soon.

I’ve never had to wait that long. Response time has always been 24-hours or less.

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Thank you! Block me? Why would they do that, given that I am paying a commission to benefit from CS in the first place, as per TOS. And yes, of course, I sent two more tickets since there was no reply for such a long time, trying to get a response. I sent the second ticket after 4 days, I gave enough time for response, given the urgency of the matter, I believe. I also cannot see any tickets history. (to see if they are open or closed, it is as if they don’t exist).

Please respond, the chargeback fraud from August was automatically counted in the performance stats.

No one can help you here This forum is only for discussion among buyers and seller not CS

Sorry, but this is the official Fiverr forum, moderated. I am a successful level 2 Seller, with no violation or issue since 2015. I am paying 20% commission all this time to benefit from an official answer from Fiverr and means of official communication and CS.

I posted on this forum to notify Fiverr that there is a glitch of some sort that prevents communication with CS, so that they can remedy and contact me by their means with the solution.

25% Comission ? :smile:

20%. Typo. You find the situation amusing?

You mentioned blocking for reasons of sending more than one ticket. However my second ticket was sent 4 days after there was no response, despite the urgency (which is over the 48h interval for CS response).

I tried to search on the forum but I found no thread about a similar situation.

I don’t think it is possible for CS to unilaterally decide to “block” or not respond on purpose, without any violation being reported or any warning to the Seller, since the Seller continues to pay for this service of Customer Support. All this time, I am assuming I can contact Fiverr.

Even so, is there any stipulation in the TOS that says Customer Service can unilaterally decide to interrupt Customer Service, on purpose, deliberately, for certain users or certain questions, and for which reasons? Otherwise it feels like a breach to me.

As a 5 star Seller with almost 1000 reviews, and as a business partner and customer of Fiverr for many years, with no issues, if indeed this is possible, for CS to actually refuse to answer my ticket because I sent 2 more tickets due to lack of answer in due time will be a reason to take my shop some place else.

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Hiya, Luna!

OMG, here we are days later, I was hoping I’d read good news. :astonished:

I’m baffled, I would hope Fiverr send a notification to people that they were blocked from utilizing CS messaging system. Otherwise, it’ll be counterintuitive!

Click on this link to view your recent activities.

(You can also check to see if your ticket was assigned to a human)

I know they block people due to abuse of the ticketing system. You can try reaching out to them via Twitter to get some attention.

If you haven’t done anything to warrant a (radio :radio: silence) from CS that’s mindboggling.
Especially, if it’s a pressing issue and you’re not getting the support.


I hope this is not the case. I have heard of this however. I’ve never sent more than one ticket for anything so I can’t add anything else.


Thank you. Being familiar with the system and knowing that I am supposed to receive an automatic answer and an answer within 48h, and not having other way to contact CS, sending one more ticket is probably what anyone would do.

Thank you very much for your kindness and support, Nika, and everyone else who tried to help. This is the update:

-I was able to contact CS with another email, so indeed my main email wasn’t able to access CS.

  • CS didn’t explain why this was happening, but they restored the CS function to my main email.

Conclusion: so if anyone sends a ticket and they don’t receive an automatic answer/answer within 48h it means they are unable to contact CS.

  • fraudulent credit card chargebacks, even happening after months and for orders with 5 stars reviews are automatically added to your Level evaluation by the system and will downgrade your Level. CS can’t or doesn’t interfere with the automatic system to correct such an unjust error. The money for the chargebacks will be taken from your account and if more orders (like in my case 3 orders from the same fraudulent client), the stats will also drop and you will lose your Level. Such as in my case, I am now downgraded from Level 2 Seller to Level 1 Seller because of the chargeback fraud.
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