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Lack of results


Hello, I am new to the forum and I purchased a logo from one of the members here. The performance and communication has been horrid. Is there a way to vet the prospective artist to insure they perform? This is stopping me from launching a design for a mailer, banner for web site and business cards. Quite a pain to have a 5 dollar problem stopping several thousand in commerce. This is twice I have had poor results in this community. Quite disappointed.


:thinking: …


When I’m batting .000 I don’t know where to turn. I have asked Nicole (fiverr staff) for a reference without response as yet. I would gladly hire another. But first I tried local Craigslist. They failed. Then my nephew showed me fiverr and I ordered a logo with his account. The result from that one is comical. Then I tried another. This guy made a decent looking logo, but not anything like the example or my detailed response. I know what I want. I’m not wish washy. It seems that people want to create something but pay no particular attention to the specs. Not hard at all. Just seems I haven’t found the right source.


Agreed :+1:
I understand that what some Designers offer (a professional Logo for just $5) may sound promising…
But let thousand of $$ (like you say) of earnings being stopped for just $5… well… :innocent:
Better I won’t say what my father would say to me if I write that :smile:


The problem here I think is that you need to find the designer you trust, which may cost time and money. Lots of sellers from the upper regions may not be your first choice as they have thousands of customers. Maybe you can check out some low level gigs?


The first one from Craigslist I paid 150 bucks through a quickbooks invoice. Never got a delivered product. Been promised a refund. Not holding my breath. Then was shown fiverr and took a chance on one at 16 bucks. I got about .03 cents of value. Third went to a higher profile guy here paid him for all the bells and whistles. He delivered crap. So with that experience, how do I know who to pick/ like I said batting .000.


It seems you really had bad luck with that Logo…
You’re right, after a while you start losing hope.


Sorry that your expercience has been so… Bad! Maybe you’ll have more luck with the next one? There are a lot of great designers here! Tip from a designer:

  • look at their reviews.
  • contact the designer before placing order to make sure you guys are on the same page. Express your wishes before placing the order.
  • if you have examples of what you like, even better… send them to your potential sellers and ask if they can make your logo like the examples.
  • if your still not sure it will work out, you can ask for samples.

Good luck! Cheers!


Absolutely start a dialogue before ordering, request samples if need be. In the search you can filter by levels 1 and 2 sellers and even sellers online.


@eoinfinnegan The butterfly effect… it’s real :smile:

To answer your question, OP, I believe that’s just one of the things you have to get used to. Do some trial and error until you manage to build a trusting relationship with a seller and then go from there. Even if you had all the data possible, you still wouldn’t be able to vet with 100% certainty. A no-brainer, I think, is to not spend a lot of money when you order from a seller for the first time.


It certainly is Dasar, sellers need to empathize with buyers who are frustrated - this buyer has done a lot right and spent a considerable amount yet is still without the product he needs.

@markmedlin67 I would be happy to commend two sellers to you by PM if you are still having no luck. They are sellers I have used myself and been very happy with. My advice with logos and graphics is to order the basic logo design first - ie make sure you are happy with it whether the initial cost is $5 or $500 and afterwards ask the seller to add the extras like vectors, commercial license etc.


Thanks for all the great replies and for allowing me to vent a little. I guess I will continue the search and see who is truly interested in my project.


Also maybe you can ask to see previous logos they made in the past? And ask for a sort of guarantee in a similar resolution and quality, or at least to be able to do infinite revisions until you are satisfied? Idk Im new here :slight_smile: Good luck anyway!