Lalin2 : I will design unique and meaningful logo professionally


It’s a rare service in cheap rate. There is no place where an unique logo is available.


Wait for order from client.


It is against forum rules to post a link as a heading so you just need to change this.


But I’ve seen many people that they added link. Besides, the 2nd rule of fiverr forum is to add fiverr link


If you read the rules and guidelines on the login page you will find that it is against the rules to add a link as a heading. The link in your actual post above is fine and is allowed in this category. Links posted as headings are likely to be flagged.


Actually, I added link in title after showing ths box. link


I have checked and that appears to be a default under every category. However, links are only allowed in the categories Improve My Gig and My Fiverr Gigs in the actual post and never in the headings. Suggest you check the rules … will leave this with you.


Please check my topic carefully. I created this topic in My Fiverr Gigs categories. You may not have checked this.


As I said in my previous post I will leave this with you.