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Landing Page for $5 only - Still no sale - What should I do?

Now I made another gig and its a landing page just for $5 which is RIDICULOUS I am still not getting any sales… Can someone help me kickstart? I read all the notes and stuff…

Hi ,
A good presentation matters .
so to accomplish it review your gigs have a good intro or pictures .
go through the top sellers gig how they maintain it .

Go for buyers request .
may this help

Hello glitchybot! I hope I can help out, I’m not a pro but I got few orders. Do you mind sending me your gig’s link so I can check it out?

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Here mate, thank you so much

Sending 10 buyers request daily, everything on my gig is ok if not perfect… Can you have a look and tell me what exactly should I improve?

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One thing about that gig that raised an issue for me was the fact you use a paid theme. When you say you have the rights to use it, do you have the rights to use it for an unlimited number of sites because that is unusual - most themes require a license for each site and this becomes an issue when the theme needs to be updated etc. That would put me off, simply because it does not sound realistic that you can legitimately sell a page with a $79 theme for $5.


Your point makes sense. Yes I do have the right “To do whatever I want with it”(I prob cant resell it I guess, but I am not selling the theme in this case. Ill contact the theme provider and clarify it. And no you cant update the theme. Would you recommend me to use a free theme? thank you.

You can resell it, but you can’t update it, what theme is it if you don’t mind sharing?

What do you mean? since this issue is raised Ill first clarify this from the theme provider and then share it . Sorry.

Looks like something you should have looked into thoroughly before selling that gig.

Havent sold one yet.
But since I had the right to do whatever I want I thought it should be okay. I am only worried if doing so would mean reselling the theme which I am not allowed todo so.

You’ve been in web development business for 6 years yet you don’t know how licensing works :confused:
Anyway, find out what you can do with it and adjust your gig accordingly.

My tip for you is to showcase your work in the portfolio. Right now that image says nothing about your skills. This is a stock photo with a text saying “Landing page”. It doesn’t prove that you can build landing pages :wink:


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Why not make your own theme? Then you don’t have to worry about license rights, or the possibility that other people would experience legal problems from using a theme you do not have full control over. You bill yourself “a group of graphic designers and engineers”… graphic designers create and design their own original content, they don’t use someone else’s content and try to make a living off of it. If you’re not creating your own work, then you aren’t, by definition, a “graphic designer”. :wink:


Roasts = +1 :joy:
I cant make themes. Simple. True. Graphic Designer doesnt mean you can make your own themes,right?

If someone would be interested in buying I would have shown my sites/landing pages.

Why so much hate on a newbie? Relaaaax.

Roast me one by one please. I am getting depressed.

Please drop the “roast” comments. I am not “roasting” you. I am trying to help, and I am attempting to do do honestly. If you continue these comments, I will start flagging them.

Thats a very nice way of helping. Thanks to you I just got 15 orders. Hats off to you sir, go ahead flag what you want.

To be perfectly straight (not roasting you), it seems unlikely to me that anyone would give unlimited resell licenses to someone to use a theme for $79. You then said you “prob can’t resell it I guess” which brings up a lot of questions.
On a forum where there are a lot of people who take copyright issues very seriously, it is reasonable to expect a negative reaction when it appears someone is willing to break copyright either through dishonesty or simply not knowing.

I have read posts by buyers who “will never use the platform again” because they were sold an unlicensed theme.
I have read posts by buyers who “have spent thousands on marketing materials and printing” only to find out that the logo they received was copied from someone else.
I have read elsewhere on the internet where Fiverr is often accused of being a hotbed for copyright infringement and as someone who takes a decent living through this site, I have negative feelings towards those who willingly or otherwise cause that reputation.

Besides all that, you asked what you should do to get sales - every comment about copyright, using your own images etc is completely on point for that question. There may be some uninformed buyers who do not know how to check out a seller properly but those of us who do know would not choose you based on the above points - I suggest you note them and make the necessary changes.


They’re not actually roasting you though. They’re just giving you a straightforward take on some potential issues with your gigs.

As an outsider reading this conversation, I didn’t sense any malice on their side, just a little bit of constructive criticism and well-intentioned concern.