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Lane of life as a blowing of living


1…NEVER SAYS YOU HAD ARRIVED …Why pursuing greatness just pushes it further not too far away from where you can catch it. 2…AN AVERAGE PEOPLE FAIR OF SUCCESS…why success fair those hunting it than average once 3… PROBLEMS ALWAYS GET RIDE OFF…why problems always decent on those not ready to get it quit 4…EVERY MAN ON EARTH SHOULD PURSUE OBSTACLES … why obstacles always fair those already set for it … note note am novelist article music composer all have been in this for past 7years


A prime example of why all writers need a good proofreader.


Hellen your education in writing is impressive.:slight_smile:

Buy why, with an Mba in writing would she need that? She is a beast writer!


Just an FYI, your gig offers to write 100,000 words for $5 in 12 hours.
I suggest you double check the settings you have chosen.


It’s like April Fool’s day all over again! :slight_smile:


Anxiously await @MissCrystal response. :smile:


I don’t understand what this is or what you’re trying to say.


You might need seven more.


Knows where the caps lock button is though!


Hi, writing is not your thing, try something else. It should be something you are good at. Be honest with yourself.


We should open a Forum:

Fiverr’s Singles


Hell of a dating site where no one is allowed to contact each other or share personal information (beyond a point).I would rather have Fiverr Cricket, Fiverr Modi and Fiverr Football sub-forums.


… true that :unamused:


Sorry Hellen I don’t swing that way.