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Language Barrier Issues

I had someone order a very complex look that required an upgrade… I sent several sketches before they said yes, just make sure of XYZ in the colors.

So I inked and sent it to them and they never responded, order closes and now it’s too childish and the colors are all wrong and they hate the font.

I ask for approval before going through the work of putting it into illustrator… and now I am SURE a gnarly review is coming. I hate being at the mercy of this crappy rating system sometimes. And I think it all boils down to the buyer doesn’t speak english well and isn’t understanding what I am asking them to do.

Such slow sales and lots of PITA buyers. Fiverr has changed a lot over the last year.

I have exactly this problem. I always ask clients to let me know if they need any revisions etc and all my negative reviews are from people who didn’t communicate their brief very well, Moreover. all have been from people who never asked for any kind of revision even though work was delivered way ahead of schedule.

And my rating NEVER goes up. I have had a handful of negative reviews and a TON of positive and it just never changes. I don’t get how that works.

I hear ya. My overall rating is at 98%, but I only have 6 negative reviews out of about 1100… even with a bunch of 3-4 star reviews, shouldn’t I be 99%? Not really worth pestering Customer Support about, though.

The math isn’t right. I’m fearful however if I get one more they’ll drop it so low I won’t be able to message people. lol

That’s so unfair. I would certainly send a message to customer support although I’m not sure it would help.

I don’t think it’s unfair, I just think it’s another example of how Fiverr needs to upgrade their algos. Considering how quick it is to downgrade and how it needs to be manually reset (as with all their crappy metrics) by Customer Support, I place no value in it at all. My reviews do the talking. I hope…! lol

I too hope that my mostly great reviews speak for me but I have read that at a certain number you lose privileges and I worry.

Personally, I am sick of seeing people complain about HAVING to cancel an order because they might get a bad review. You don’t have to cancel and if you get a bad review then respond politely with your buyer review explaining what happened. Once you get over 50 reviews I think they become less important. If you get two or three bad reviews in 100 orders then it is not a big deal I think. Everyone knows that about 5% of people will be awkward customers everywhere.

Fiverr sellers, especially Level 2 and TRS sellers, need to stop allowing the madness that is the “I’m not happy with your work, I want to cancel” mentality. If the work is done and you have done the job as described then just take the bad review. I have had a couple (interestingly, all from $5 orders!) and instead of giving my work away for free, I take a bad review, respond to it and get over it.
Serious buyers will read reviews and your response and the bad reviews I have got have not affected me in any way that I can see.

I do know that if you dip under a certain % (I want to say 95% but I don’t know tbh) you lose Buyers Request access. That’s not a huge loss for an established seller. For other privileges, specifically levels, I think you’d only lose them if you consistently under-performed. It is healthy to worry about these things up to an extent–it’s what motivates us to perform like the clapping seals some buyers seem to think we are!

$5 awkward buyer are the bane of my life. I never even got bad reviews until I hit TRS, and that wasn’t because I “relaxed” my standards–it was because certain people suddenly expected me to sprinkle magic fairy dust with all my work, when in reality, I do a pretty good job that may or may not match your inflated expectations.

I happily cancel all orders from buyers who accidentally order/request cancellation prior to work has started. Once I’ve done the work, no. You’re paying, because I’ve usually redone the whole piece to fit your angle. Customer Support, in 99% of cases, supports me, especially when the threats start up.

3 of my bad reviews are from when I was ill (“order cancelled!”) and the other 3 are people with the reading ability of a gnat with no business nous. I didn’t contest those with Fiverr since I figured a few bad reviews would be “good” for me when coming across “you’re too perfect. I bet you pay for all your reviews” people. It’s madness… lol

I’m not sure that’s reasonable advice. I have like 7 negatives and a 97%, with every one of those “bad” reviews because I did the work and some five dollar buyer acted rudely, I lose more points and I am pretty sure if i get low enough I lose the ability to do buyer requests etc. So yes, I feel we’re at the mercy of the review. That’s the unfortunate part of review based systems.