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Language Barrier

Well, it’s happening again…My first and second experience with fiverr was great…I used the same guy to create an excel worksheet with just names and addresses. Great! But he no longer does this. We tried someone for drawing of floor plans. We had an actual hand drawn sample, but wanted the kitchen flipped. I explained that we needed it flipped, with the sink on the bottom wall instead of top. I don’t think they ever got what I meant, after 3 revisions in 2 days, it was time for my drawing to be turned in, did it myself by hand again…still paid, just frustrated, wanted to turn in a computer drawn rendering showing measurements that were marked on my original drawing, but when asked to revise this, about 3/10 of measurements were included-telling me he understood what I asked, but only felt like including 3/10 measurements???. Next I wanted a flyer done up with 2 pictures of homes and some words on each picture…He sent it back with the same words on both pictures…revised, then revised mis-spelled words, then sent final…the homes were uneven, I had asked him to crop 1 to make them the same size as the other and cut off dead grass, he didn’t. Final looked very unprofessional, did it myself again, still paid. This took me about 24 hours with him, and 2 hours to do myself so I would have flyers. Seems to me someone who is advertising flyers and brochures would be quicker than me!
Now I am trying to get someone to do 50 names and addresses into excel again…but they don’t get my instructions! I think their addresses are not the same as ours so it looks strange? She asked for a sample…sent her one the first guy did for me…Hope she “gets” it ??? I just think there is too much of a language barrier!

Wow these seem like very simple jobs. You’d think it would be impossible to get it wrong… Sorry about your bad experiences. Unfortunately, Fiverr hosts a lot of amateurs posing as professionals. The only useful advice that I can really give you is to never ever ever hire anyone with broken English. You will have a bad time. Be willing to pay extra for fluent English speakers - we are worth it in communicating effectively.