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Language Not Working

OK, I am in France right now. I logged into Fiverr and selected Currency: GBP, Language:English (UK).

Now any option to change language/currency has disappeared.

I see all the site info in English and all my account info in French. This is ridiculous. I speak French but am actually trying to get some work done. I don’t have time to try and work out what I should click on when I am on a deadline.

Every other site that is multi-lingual works, but this is badly broken. Sort it out Fiverr, digital nomads and people in general don’t necessarily stay in one place. I haven’t lived in my country for 12 years, I am not unique.

Also, your support absolutely sucks. I run businesses on tight margins but my customer service is world class. Yours is appalling and you make millions in profits a year I am sure so what is your excuse?

“Welcome to Customer Support!
Take a look around our Help Center for answers to your common questions”

Joke level support (i.e. non existent).

I look forward to no-one answering my post and it being deleted…

Well, you could message customer support. I mean, that isn’t difficult. There is more to the support site than that information.

I can understand your frustration since you are on a deadline. Scroll all the way down and click on currency there you will be able to select your language and currency if you need to change it again. If you encounter any problems submit a ticket to customer support. Just click on the link and you will see “Submit a Request” on top. Best of luck!

This is funny, I have had my interface completely changed to Spanish and French at random. I speak absolutely no Spanish so I had a time trying to navigate everything. The French switch happened on mobile.

Try refreshing the page to see if the option comes up again, if you haven’t already fixed it. Also, maybe logging in and out again. Unfortunate that this happened to you, it’s so odd. It’s one of those things that happens at the least convenient of times!