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Language selection messing up my gigs


I just made 2 new gigs, i made them while on spanish version of the site ( but they came out wrong, the tittle starts with “i will” the english version of “yo voy a” (the spanish tittle starter) and my descriptions are getting automaticly translated from spanish to spanish, messing up all my description, faq, and packages.

Funny thing is, when i try to edit my gig, it shows “yo voy”, like it should, but when on my gig page, it shows “i will”.

I need to know how to set up my gig so it shows normally for spanish site users, and it could be translated to english for my english site users.

It happens the same with me but the opposite. The title is written in English but with the Yo Voy at the start. Don’t know how to fix that.