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Language spoken : choice of either "fluent" or "native and bilingual"

I am a native English speaker but I am not bilingual. Why is the choice for “native” also including bilingual? So I chose “fluent” which sounds like English is not my first language.

Should these choices be:

rather than:
Native and Bilingual

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It’s “Native or Bilingual” actually. It means that it’s either your native language, or a second language that you speak with the same level of proficiency as a native, thus making you bilingual. Since theoretically both a native and a bilingual person would have the same level of proficiency, they opted not to make a difference.

This in turn is probably related to them willing to be able to use language proficiency as a filter down the line. Imagine you’re a customer and want to deal only with sellers who are highly proficient in a certain language. Since (again, theoretically) a native and a bilingual speaker have the same level of proficiency, you’d select “native or bilingual” in your search. Having a customer selecting either native or bilingual would be unfair (as in, why would someone who speaks like a native be discriminated against just because he wasn’t born speaking that language?).

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Thank you for answering!
I still think it’s confusing. And what is the difference between native and fluent?
Someone who is native is also fluent.

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