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Large $125 Order only showing $4 for "Funds Pending Clearance"

A $125 order as listed on the revenues page is broken up and showing the sale listed into 4 different items, one for

$4 and the other 3 gig extras added for $32 totaling, $100.00 When you go to pending clearance page the only one

showing is the $4 transaction and the other items are no where to be found. They are not there. No other items

associated with this transaction are listed on the pending clearance page. For some reason, we are not being paid

for the gig extras added to this order. The gig extras are not showing in our pending clearance transactions.

Previous orders did not have this problem for the same amount and the same type of transaction. Can we

please have this fixed before the items are cleared on the 28th of April. Thanks

Reply to @mark74: Thanks for you reply. Only posted here because it’s been more than a week and still no resolution.

We cannot help you with this: forum is not a Customer Support replacement.

Create a ticket and wait for support to help you!!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @accent: try to ask again on the same ticket…