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Large amount of false information in the writing section

I’ve been browsing through the writing section of Fiverr and I’ve noticed a lot of false information provided on the writers’ profiles and in their gigs’ descriptions. Some of them used the same copy and pasted description that could be found on other writers’ gigs, which made me question whether they are the same people with several accounts. I also noticed people lying about their location and native language, as well as about their English skills. I’ve come across writers whose reviews were written by people from Fiverr who also offered similar writing services, so I’m just wondering why a seller who is a writer would employ another seller who offers similar services as theirs. Most of the sellers in the writing section seem to be people from ******* and some other ******** and ******** countries posing as English native speakers, some of them claiming to be from America or the UK. The only real native speakers I could find on Fiverr charged ridiculous amounts of money for writing, which makes offering their services on Fiverr (a site known as a micro-jobs marketplace) illogical. They should just go on ********* if they want to charge thousands of dollars for their work.

I’m confused and frustrated by this whole experience…

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Perhaps the employer is a seller who could not handle orders anymore due to excessive workload. It is quite common that some seller oursource their work and become a reseller.

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Some sellers copy from other sellers. I’m 100% positive that at least five sellers have copied my gig. But then it comes back to haunt them later, so I try not to worry about it.


There are a lot of writers on Fiverr who are not native speakers and are honest about it. Those I have no issue with and if people find their work useful it’s not an issue. The ones that are faking it are usually not too difficult to spot with a bit of vetting. They often use a generic profile photo. Copied gig descriptions and profile descriptions are a giveaway. They often make spelling errors in their profiles or mistakes in their credentials, like claiming to have a degree from a school that offers no degree in writing. Fake sellers often can’t retain level 2 or higher.

If you think someone is okay but you aren’t sure, you order a very small sample work from them. Many sellers are willing to offer a cheap sample if you ask. Check the delivery for errors, plagiarism and encoding. If you find a problem report them to Support and move on. There are tons of real native speakers who sell writing on Fiverr. Most are not at bottom prices but there are plenty from the UK, USA, AU, CA and so on. Only a handful want thousands for their work, most are pretty reasonably priced at $25-100 for a standard 500 word article.


Quality must be paid.

Which fees are, by the way, very reasonable if we look at industry standard prices. We are still in very low prices zones, but I think we are moving towards to a more professional marketplace.


There are also lots of amazing writers who are native English speakers but do not appear as being from native countries due to living overseas. :slight_smile:

Then one needs to remember that there are lots of non-native English speakers living in English speaking countries. More Hungarians live in London than in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

It also needs to be remembered that when buyers ask for samples, sellers can easily provide links to articles anywhere online and say they wrote them. Meanwhile, many who do giveaway samples have these stolen and used by other writers in their portfolio.

The only way to find a good writer is to message them, read their reviews, and order a sample. Sadly, when even budget writers invite buyers to buy a test article, many respond as if you are attempting to pull off the biggest swindle of the century.


Every buyer who comes to Fiverr should have this pop-up on their dashboard to bring them back to reality and quite possibly save themselves money and frustration in the long run


a site known as a micro-jobs marketplace

That’s the problem. We need to get rid of that mindset as soon as possible. Sellers don’t only offer “micro jobs” here. We sellers have the right to charge whatever amount of money we consider fair for our work on this site. Quality takes a lot of time and effort, and time and effort should be properly rewarded, especially since Fiverr takes 20% of every single order.


Yes, and since Fiverr opened up the gigs fee to $5+ and kept the name Fiverr, it confuses some visitors. I am glad that we can charge whatever we value our work to be. Because of the origin of the name Fiverr and what it means to many buyers though, I hope to always have at least 1 gig that starts at $5.


Very nice graphic! Very informative too! :smile:


I didn’t complain about the delivery speed, now, did I? And I disagree: while that may be true for the majority, there are sellers out there who offer all three elements you mentioned.

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Then why are you complaining?

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I’m complaining because there’s a large number of gigs that have misleading info or info that was copied and pasted from other gigs belonging to other sellers.

When you have to waste hours browsing through pages of gigs created by sellers who post descriptions (about creative writing) that display proficiency in English, and then you message them for a custom order and they can’t even spell words at a basic level, you start getting a little frustrated.

Fiverr staff is supposed to check these gigs before approving them, but they don’t seem to be doing a great job in this regard.

I don’t know how you have troubles finding good writers when I have encountered a lot only on this forum, without even looking for one, since I am offering this service too.

I know there are a lot of frauds and fakes, and you can report them. They have a short life here. But you should be able to find your match eventually, I am certain. There are a lot of great people that offer great services here.

But you should also realize that with your UK/US living preference, you are missing out on a lot of natives that don’t live there (anymore). Therefore, “you get what you pay for.” :slightly_smiling_face:


No, they only check gigs with the Pro label on them.

Try hanging out on the forum a bit, as @manucornel suggested. There are writers who post often: they should be easy to spot.


I regularly charge a few thousand dollars for a full book and I’m doing fine here on Fiverr. I don’t care that you want me to leave. I’m happy and my clients are happy. I’m almost always in “Out of Office” mode, because I’ve been dealing with the same batch of clients for over a year and very rarely need to take on new clients.


Fiverr has a bot that checks for plagiarism of Gigs but it is not 100% effective. As a buyer in any market place, you have to be sure that what you’re paying for is exactly what you want. Its called due diligence and its always the buyer’s responsibility.

I provide the same. I ghostwrite fiction or nonfiction books for my regular clients. I have my main gig overbooked at the moment. I do accept short stories on the other gigs. The only thing is that I need to charge more for my books! I’m really not interested in writing a $10 article now. But there are some good writers on the site if you’re not looking for more than 10 articles for $5 and are willing to pay for quality.

I need to know more about what you offer. Would you mind starting a thread about how your style of book writing gig works? I initially started offering to write full books (though not on Fiverr) and I got burned. Later, I offered Amazon ready formatting of e-books. However, them I found clients far too demanding.

I would honestly love to know what you offer, what price you charge, and how you manage your gig setup. - If, of course, you are willing to share your secrets. :slight_smile:

Edit: Obviously I can check out your gigs. I’m just interested in your overall experience offering what you do, who your clients are, how you avoid problem buyers. i.e. Someone ordering a 60K word novel on your basic gig etc


I think it’s time to increase my prices dramatically. :rofl:

That would be amazingly interesting for me as well. :slight_smile:

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