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Large file sizes

Does anyone have a suggestion (or maybe I missed this somewhere on the site) of what I need to do when working with file sizes above the allowable limit by fiverr? I am doing editing work on a podcast for a buyer and he had to send me severely compressed files in order to get under the small upload limit. I wanted to ask him if he could upload them to google drive or a file share website for me to download but I am super nervous to ask for that as fiverr seems to be very trigger happy when ‘outside’ websites are even mentioned. Anyone have any suggestions here? I assume if I do actually get the larger format files somehow i will run into the same problem when i try to deliver them.


Dropbox is a safe choice. Ask them to upload it there and just let them send in the link in the order page. It’s totally okay. :slight_smile:


Many people use Dropbox or Google Drive and provide the link to download the file to buyers.

They increased limit size, it was 150mb before now it is more, not idea how much tho. Yesterday I uploaded 245mb without issues


There is also WeTransfer. Most of my clients just send me a Dropbox or Google Drive link. It’s never been flagged before.


So if I ask the client to upload to google drive and return the file to them through there as well I wont get any flags from fiverr? I just dont want them to flag the order or anything and not be able to get it returned to my client in a timely fashion.

I really appreciate everyones feedback!

Wetransfer is a really good option. I always use it.

how can we increase the file size limit
please guide us

I think what @arty182925 meant is Fiverr increased the limit size – I don’t think it’s something Fiverr buyer/sellers can increase on their own. Hehe. If the file won’t attach due to it being a large file just use approved filesharing services such as those suggested by other users above. :slight_smile:


Before I share a large file through (Dropbox) I always get CS permission first, just in case :poop: hits the fan.

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From my experience, I’ve had buyers share files through WeTransfer, Dropbox and Google Drive. I didn’t encounter any problems. Just make sure the link for those files are shared through the order page. :slight_smile:

As @theratypist said, Fiverr increased limit, you can’t do that yourself. It is still saying under 150mb, but they increased it. Buyer uploaded file to me 245mb and I send updated file back without issue.

I just test it a bit, I cant confirm 100%, but I think limit is now 1GB

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Many time was delivered the big files with Dropbox , its easy and safe, the HD Video files all time keep a big size, Bro you can use Dropbox ,I used this many time , Thanks! and wish you all the best .