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Large File

I’am not able to send video files it states (File to Large). How can i go about completely my work without this problem?

Reply to @accessgirl: You are correct. I don’t have a DropBox account and I’ve downloaded clients’ files successfully.

You can use alternatives like DropBox .

I think you can use Dropbox but better wait for other replies or ask support

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Reply to @mgjohn78: Bam! Fastest fingers in the northwest. lol j/k

If all possibilities of shrinking the file size have been exhausted and this problem has been brought to the attention of the buyer, then delivery via Dropbox may be best. Just be sure to check with the buyer to see if they have a DB acct themselves.

Reply to @topaz_muse: I think you can download from links without needing an account.

You can also use mediafire, you don’t need an account in order to download from there.

I use Google Drive to backup all that I do on Fiverr so I send a link to buyers when HD video files are being delivered. You will always have to make sure settings are correct so the buyer can open what you send but it seems to work well. A drawback is that links to videos will not show up in your live portfolio. My suggestion on that is to also deliver a lower quality video through the upload function.