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Large Order Caution

An interesting question. I have received an order for over $600 - my usual range is from $20 - $80. I dont have any problems with the order. Its my usual type of work — my concern is that the buyer is brand new and although he has obviously paid Fiverr, I’m concerned that after putting a lot of work in, we will find that his credit card has been stolen or something. Is there any recourse to Fiverr for this?


Unfortunately, on the off-chance something like that happens, Fiverr cannot really do much. The only thing they can do is block the buyer’s account after the chargeback is complete… After you’ve lost your hard earned money. :frowning_face:

There is at least a slim chance Fiverr might fight a chargeback (on your behalf) or refund you the money if it was an actual buyer trying to get away with a delivered product without paying for it. But if it is a stolen card, they probably can’t do much.

So, just use your discretion in deciding whether to work on this order or not.

Best wishes.


I dont see that I have discretion to work on an order. I can’t see where in the ‘system’ you can reject an order.


Unless the $600 order was placed via one of your gigs directly, it would have been made through a custom offer through the inbox right? And while conversing with the buyer through your inbox, you can tell them there if you are not interested in working on the order (citing whatever reason you want… For example, “I am swamped with a lot of work right now, sorry.”).

Of course, you can only do that before accepting the order. Once you have already accepted it, the only way is to cancel the order which would affect your fiverr stats.


This particular order came directly from one of my fiverr gigs. There appears to be no way in Fiverrs scheme of things, to be able to accept or reject a job. Also Fiverr will not release details of the seller even if you’ve been scammed.


Yes, you are right. Unfortunately, there is no way.

Like I mentioned in my answer, what I said is only applicable in case of custom offers.

But I hope that it is a legit order in your case and that you will be fine.

Best wishes!


seek confirmation or consent from the buyer if everything is legit so that you can have where to base in case of otherwise

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As it happened it all turned out right. With the $600 order turning into $1200 including a very large tip :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful! :star_struck: :tada: :confetti_ball: