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Large order discount


a buyer is looking to order 50-100 gigs, the regular price is $250-$500… but he’s asking for a discount, how much do you think is a reasonable discount?


Definitely take it in smaller orders - it will be more manageable that way. I’ve never been asked for discounts, even when writing novels that resulted in many gigs. The problem is most of us are already offering services at rock-bottom prices so discounts aren’t really worth it to us. If they want quality, they’ll pay the full price.


I wouldn’t do a large order for the customer’s first order. There is too much that could go wrong and it will hose your account. They need to make sure they like working with you, and you need to make sure you like working with them.

Never quote long term prices with a client. Unless they have ordered several orders from you. I have had clients that needed extra assistance and as they see the quality I provide, they are willing to pay more on future projects because of the service I provide.

I would do 1 gig on the first order, 5 on the second, and slowly get larger orders. New orders shouldn’t start unit previous orders are completed and reviews are posted.

On my podcast gig, I had a client approach me about 100 projects. I did 1 on the first order, 5 on the second, and 10 on the next. All of the projects were still turned around in 3 or 4 days. We just stepped through it in several orders.

I am already at my lowest level in my charges so I don’t offer a discount on large orders. There is extra expense in larger orders. Issues like consistency, and quick delivery times. I actually absorb the extra expense and just charge the same rate? See how I positively presented it.

You will never win the battle if it is only about price. Someone will always be cheaper. You will only win if it is a combination of your quality, service, and price.


How long do you think it will take you?


be careful, that is a lot of work, take it in small quantities per week and see how he works with you…


Reply to @landongrace: Thanks for the advice, you are totally right, I’ve worked twice with this customer and he seems okay, I also suggested to try my work first, before any large order. And I really like the idea of small multiple orders! I think this is how it’s going to work. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Just be confident with it. You can be polite and set the terms.


Reply to @landongrace: Thank you, this is very helpful for me too, I don’t have any big orders yet which I’m actually quite thankful about, as I’m wanting to start off slow. The only long term price I’ve really quoted for mine was that as long as you’re ok with keeping the same layout template, you won’t have to purchase it again.


Reply to @tictac7: Maybe you could do something similar, Try to up-sell some extras and offer him a discount on them.