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Large orders from new accounts

About a month ago, I received a a message about a large custom order ($400-$500 with 5000+ words) from an account that was a few days old, no picture or anything.

I never received the order from that particular person, but it got me thinking, how likely are they to to to receive the finished product and then cancel?

Would you be hesitant in this case?


Can’t say one way or the other without more details.
You say it was a custom order: Did they reach out to you through messaging for the custom order, or was it gotten from a BR?

I’ve had a few instances like that, the reason behind it was they registered on the website specifically for that one thing they needed done.

It’s not uncommon.

That being said, it would be wise to be on the lookout for any red flags and make sure that when you ask questions or otherwise communicate with the client, you repeat the requests they make in your replies.

It helps with customer support agents if things go south.


I get those all the time and rarely if ever have a problem with them.

Fiverr are doing a considerable amount of promotion at the moment. As others said, be on he lookout for flags as you always should be but take good care of the client.
It would be nice if these bigger ticket clients would stick around because they have positive experiences.


They reached out through messaging first asking a few questions.

Which red flags should a person be on the look out for?

I had a huge spike in inquiries yesterday and today was kind of dead up until I got two back to back orders in the 3 digits.

They must be pushing for traffic hard.


Interesting, I have seen a spike in inquiries as well. So I have a small question for you, If you see an account that is only a few days old with no picture that wants to order a much larger article than normal for exmaple, would you be hesitant to work with them?

I, personally, would not have any hesitation.

But I am operating at a different level and I am facilitating orders differently.

I don’t want to advise you, I am just answering your question.

No I wouldn’t hesitate. Unless there were red flags.

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New accounts should not be a red flag on its own. Fiverr is working to get new accounts here and to bring in better quality buyers with bigger projects. What Fiverr sellers seem to be unaware of is that projects costing $500+ are not actually big projects in the “real world”. Getting a long-form article for a couple of hundred dollars is what buyers expect - when they want a well written, well researched, original piece of content.

Fiverr has long been the outcast of the freelancing world due to us undercutting a lot of other people and websites for all types of services. Fiverr has been trying many ways to become acceptable and I think some of these new accounts are a sign of that.
The attempts have been things like luring Pro sellers from elsewhere, promotional videos with influencers showing what Fiverr sellers can do, etc along with engaging with the freelancing community in general with things like, donating to the Freelancer’s Union, etc.
Hopefully it is working and that a new breed of buyer becomes commonplace here.

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I just got a huge order from a new account without a picture and it’s ok. Lately most of the people who have been contacting me have new accounts.

If someone places an order you do the order. What else would you do, cancel it? That wouldn’t make sense.

It is very usefull for me

its just good luck which helps to you.

Interesting. What would you consider red flags?

Nice Question! What does red flags mean?

what its mean we , its fake?

What does red flags means?

There’s a whole thread on red flags - look for it using the search bar above.

Frank’s busy and doesn’t have the time to rehash things that you could look up for yourselves …

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@financialquazar @lydiawriter70 @sa_classydesign @r_bukkel
I would recommend the second search result, “Hoist the Red Flags” as well as this one

EDIT: As for a definition:

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