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Larger Sellers Should Check Their Revenue For Lost or Missing Money


If you a larger seller you should carefully check your revenue every month. You may have lost funds and not even know it! The fiverr system is less than adequate to provide accurate information so beware of your funds. Of course the chances of getting back lost funds are zero.

I’m not accusing fiverr but we have discovered abnormalities that have not been addressed. The CEO has been provided the info and never bothered to reply and that was back in July.

Larger sellers should know rather than depending on trust of a beta system that has problems. Good luck!


Can you describe what you mean by “lost” funds? Are you sure these weren’t deductions for transaction and commission fees? If you’ve actually discovered missing or misappropriated monies and haven’t had a response from whoever you reported this to since July, don’t you think you should report it again, in case your notice was sent to the wrong person or has gotten lost?


This all started back in May when my wife, who is a programmer found some problems in the old fiverr system and bigger problems in V2. They’ve known since that time and repeated several times until July. We’ve done an audit on the account with a professional. Most likely we will exit by the end of the year as we were here only to help small business. Fiverr is not our main business. We’ve been on fiverr two and half years, longer than most. That’s all I can say.


How much are the discrepancies? Have you followed up with anyone and they just haven’t responded to the follow ups?


How does one go about searching for lost funds?