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Laser Targeting of 1000 business prospects per month- Sales Leads

What is one thing that a business cannot survive without? LEADS. Leads is what causes many companies to go out of business within the first 12 months.

You are at the right place for me to help you tap into LinkedIn 500+ million members who are CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’S Accountant, Dentist etc. This forum has quality prospects who have money to spend for your products and services. I have experience doing both Cold calling for prospects and LinkedIn prospects targetting definitely works for many businesses to close more deals as these leaders are away front their gatekeepers. I will help you to build your LinkedIn connections and suggest changes to your profile to come across as an authority.

Depending on your business type I can analyze and tell you if you should stick to cold calling or upgrade to maximize the LinkedIn account you already have.

Reach out to me so I can hear about the awesome products and services you need to get more sales for!