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Last 2 days I can't download my client file


Last 2 days I can’t download any of my client files the same problem on my phone and desktop. I have changed the internet and am still having the same problem. Please help me. I can’t work.


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Where was the file uploaded? Custom order request? Usually something goes wrong with custom order request files after a few hours. Happened to me a few months ago. I requested my client to send it again.

If you do not want to ask your client to send it, please get in touch with CS. I read somewhere on forum that if you request CS, they’ll send you the file directly (on ticket).

For my all clients the same problem. Regular order and Custom order same problem :frowning: About 30 hours ago I gave a message on CS have not received reply yet.

That’s bad. Hope you still have some time left to deliver the orders. Best thing you can do is request your clients to send the files again. I know, its kind of embarrassing but that’s the only option you have unless CS gets back to you.

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I have some time to delivery this project.