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Last 2 month no order and buyer massage

Hello there!

Its been 2 month almost that I don’t get any massage from buyer like before. Before I got everyday order and buyer massage but its not going right way. After losing my level and getting back the level its happening nothing to my profile. I m so depressed about it.

I m sharing and promoting my service gig but still didn’t get any solution.

I hope someone will suggest me.
Thank you

No one is there ?? Hello its 2days no one is replying how sad I m fiverr is dead for me ??

hey what about your impression try to promote yourself in social media hope you solve it early

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i tried everything… i m sharing promoting in social media but still no response.

what about your services

animation, graphics design.

try to use websites as portfolio

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can I able to share my link into gig description ? is it against of rules ?

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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i don;t have an idea

I don’t get any massages from my clients :grin::see_no_evil:
I prefer to receive messages from them.