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Last 2 month no sell


from last 2 month I have no sell . please give me some tips how I can I inrease my sell . Thanks.


Dont Worry minicoder, It happens a lot :slight_smile: The last 2 monts were a little bit bad for me too. All I can recomend you is be pacient, use the Buyers Requests section and try to make new offers and try to the diferent :slight_smile: and unique.


Thanks for your reply . ok Iam working to get sell by somethng unique. alos best of luck for you my friend.


2 months is a pretty long time…write to customer support and check if everything is ok with yr gigs…hope someone has not reported on it and you may not even be aware of it. Moreover…check what happened 2 months back…anything u recall - that was not very pleasant in any manner. Are you sending offers to Buyer Requests?


sending buyer request . got response also . but the main problem is buyer are too much cheap. I am not able to to develop a wordpress site by only 10 or 15 usd . Buer unable to understand it . This is the main problem and autometic response is very much low also . is it total community or just for me I am not sure . I have asked about my account support said all are okay . no problem with it .


omg a wordpress wbsite for 15$ is very cheap :open_mouth:
the minimum cost is 800$ I think. . .


Yes . I generally work 600 to 800 usd . buty few client want by this cheap budget . ha ha ha . How can I sell my gig by good client? do you have any suggestion bro /


now you can send buyer request.I think you will get new job and sale



:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: almost everyone facing this - Not just one you’re!


fast_editing right every one facing this kind of issue


You won’t have sales if others can do something similar for a much cheaper price and you can’t prove that you’re MUCH BETTER AND UNIQUE.


alwayes send buyer request and get most of the job by this method.


Yes exactly right . we need to do work by a best price not cheap .it,s very improtant .


Yes right every one facing this issue now. Thanks.