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Last 20day, no message no order

I have a completed 5 orders but in the last 20day, no message no order place help me chack my gig -


I have completed 11 order but last 20 days almost same to u. And that is very disappointing.


very sad :disappointed_relieved:

Same here. I’m very upset

Dont worry guys I am in same basket as you lol, Even sellers completing 100 orders a moth are facing this issue. Marketplace is adjusting so it will take some time. all you have to do is stay active, use buyer requests and please your past clients with good services.


11 order mean level one great even i have not get a single one. :frowning:

I am not get level one because of earning condition.

thank you so much for you :heart:

I would suggest follow these techniques,

  1. Send Buyer Request on daily basis.
  2. Start Working On Quora. Share your Gig
  3. Spend sometime to remain online and then respond fast to the buyers.

Hi, @shopify_ijaz I’m a graphic designer, how can i work on Quora to get more client. As i know that quora is related to questions and answers. What i should have to do there? :thinking:

Thank you very much for your advice :heart:

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You can help with photoshop questions, like how to fix image, etc etc, Just explore that platform, you will find many articles related to your niche.

Be active, Send buyer request and patient, Hopefully you will get order soon

please wait, The only mantra here is to wait.