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Last 8 week I have no Order why help me please

I am new seller I got 5 order with 2 five star review. I have true skill suddenly last 8 week I have no order why please help me to find out. here is my profile link


@rhj_themes send Buyer request Every day for your initial order because now you new seller

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@aishi168 I have not seen enough buyer request. some time seen 8/10 person but most of time not seen buyer request. what i do?

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@rhj_themes basically you are a new seller, when you get level you have all time Buyer request

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Improve your English and create a standard gig. Gig represents your skills and overall you. So do research.

Check this out: for helpful information.

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@aishi168 Ok let’s see, what happen.

@lloydsolutions Definitely i will check.

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@tareqtherocker Yes I try to more improve my english skills. Definitely it’s represent me.